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Hey there and welcome to my Northern Roots!

My name is Bryn Riemer, photographer & owner of Northern Roots Photography.  I am a 20 something, live-in-the-moment adventurer, dog mom, wanna-be chef, and I will likely have a camera in my hand at any event.  I was born and raised in Wisconsin.  My ideal getaway is a weekend in the north woods of Wisconsin - hence the name "Northern Roots." I am an outdoors type of gal, and I love doing anything that leads to any sort of adventure: fishing, hunting, hiking, boating, camping, traveling, photography - you name it, I’ll do it!  

When I'm not behind the camera, I love to travel, exercise, read or hang out with family, friends or definitely my doggos, Harlee and Kona.  

Why I Chose Photography:
My why started as a child, when I would sit by the lake I grew up on and watch the sun fall below the trees as water colors painted the sky.  I was mesmerized by the colors and the euphoric beauty of it all that I would take endless pictures of every and all sunsets I saw.  For as long as I can remember, I have always believed this life held beauty and that everyone carried it in their own way.  I was fascinated in the images I could capture of landscapes, people, and nature.  Eventually, I was able to give up the old point-and-shoot when I received my very first DSLR camera and from there, I began the journey to teach myself photography.   


Little did I know, that camera would become the rest of my life. Over the years as I've gone through LOTS trial and error.  I have learned to not be harsh and cynical, take criticism as a learning moment, and just go with the flow. I feel most alive when I can capture a moment so beautiful and meaningful, the only tangible thing you have to remember it by is a photograph. 

I am SOOO passionate about photography and capturing the important pieces of life.  I love to stop those moments in time that become the past so I can hold onto them just a little bit longer.  I often find myself totally captivated in the small moments that I have captured for others! 

  My deepest desire is to create images that speak to you. Images that remind you of how you felt in that moment, so when life gets hard, you can look back, remember your happiness, love, and blessings and hold that moment in your hand and just be there.

 My style is relaxed and genuine, and I love to capture those candid moments.  However, I strive to meet my clients' desires!  You can rest assured that your photos will capture you as you really are. 

Thank you for keeping my soul on fire by sharing bits and pieces of your beautiful life with me!

Bryn at Narrow Root Photography (c) Natu
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Photos by Lauren & Andy Photography and Natural Intuition Photography and AshChurch Photo